Building and Sustaining Latino Civic Engagement by registering individuals to vote and increasing Latino Voter Turnout at the polls. We will inspire Latinos to use their vote as their voice!


Unidos Votamos began as an organic, grass roots, political organizing effort born in 2007 to support Barack Obama for President. A group of Latino leaders joined the National Latinos for Obama campaign, and successfully raised $75,000 to support the election of Obama for President.

In 2012 Unidos Votamos became a formal organization and raised $25,000 to help defeat the Voter ID and the Marriage constitutional amendments. Unidos Votamos paid for and organized Latino media advertising GOTV efforts, door knocks and phone bank efforts in Spanish and English, targeting Latino voters.

Unidos Votamos also volunteered and contributed funds to elect Melisa Franzen, the first Democrat, Latina to represent Edina in the State Senate.

Unidos Votamos coordinated state-wide voter outreach effort to elect candidates that support a Latino-friendly agenda.

Unidos Votamos coordinated GOTV efforts to increase Latino voter turnout, and helped fund Latino radio, TV, print, digital and social media advertising. It specially targeted younger voters.

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